Maps & Illustrations

  • Campbellton around 1860 (PDF)
    An early drawing by E.J. Russell of the site the town now occupies. The 1000 ft. Sugar Loaf mountain on the right and Restigouche River and hills of Quebec’s Gaspé coast on the far left.
  • Mowats in Campbellton 1920-1950 (PDF)
    The street map of Campbellton with location of where various Mowat families lived as well as schools etc.

Family Photographs

Early Pictures in 1920s (PDF)

  • Skiing party
  • Hugh Carr, Mouse, and Wes with partridge catch in fall
  • Hazel (Mouse)
  • Mouse, Stella and guide with trout catch

Old Pictures Upriver (PDF)

  • Mouse upriver swimming
  • Mouse, Bert, and friends
  • Nan, Earl, Mouse, and Wes
  • Hal Mowat in Cuba 1929

Parties Upriver (PDF)

  • Wes, Hazel, Alice, and Goog
  • Hazel and provisions
  • Mouse, Wes, Nita MacD. and John Champlin [this image is missing from pdf ]
  • Mouse on horseback
  • The gang upriver


  • Campbellton Fire & Mowats (PDF)
    Clipping from Campbellton newspaper recounting the story of how the devastating fire started and leveled the town. Added is an anecdote about the Mowats vacating their home.
  • Some Early Census Records for Mowats in Restigouche County (PDF)
    These records (from 1881 and 1891 census records) are the result of work I had commissioned by Campbellton researchers in the1980s.
  • Ian Sclanders Articles on Restigouche (PDF)
    G.A. Good’s clippings of a series of 100 articles of Ian Sclanders’ column “New Brunswick Parade,” Telegraph Journal, Summer, 1948. Sclanders’ newspaper clippings are available in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB) in Fredericton.
  • Early notes on Mowat History (PDF)
    Notes found on the internet on travels and castles, etc. of the Mowat families before and during settlement in Scotland.
  • Education in Scotland (PDF)
    Short article off the internet on the importance the Scotts put on education and why.
  • Section from a Matapedia Anniversary Edition 1903 -2003 (PNG image 834 KB)
    Short scanned section with names and dates of four generation of the Mowats who lived in Deeside that was in the Matapedia area.
  • Mowat Heart Problems (PDF)
    Porter Mowat’s wife passed on her weak heart genes and/or atherosclerosis to most of her children. This document lists the ages and causes of death of her children.

Salmon Fishing

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