Early Origins of Mowat Family & John Mowat, Founder of NB Branch of Mowat Family

This PDF file contains:

  • Introduction & Origin of Mowat Name
  • Extracts Speid's Genealogy of Royal & Noble Families in Europe & Transcript
  • Coats of arms
  • Ruins of Buchollie Castle
  • Biographic Sketch of John Mowat, founder of the New Brunswick branch of Mowats, and personal speculations on why John Mowat and his son settled on a piece of land near Matapedia, Quebec, that they called Deeside
  • Maps of Deeside, Quebec
  • Brief Historical Sketch of Athol House Cemetery and grave of John Mowat

John L. Mowat, son of John Mowat, and his Wife and Children

This PDF file contains:

  • Biography of John L. Mowat
  • John and Elizabeth Moores Mowat's children and biographical sketches of each. Their children were:
    1. Matilda [died as infant]
    2. John Porter
    3. Marjorie Ann
    4. Rebecca Jane
    5. Alexander
    6. Thomas
    7. Alice
    8. Maxwell
    9. William
    10. Mary (Mayme)

See also: Lineage of Elizabeth Moores (PDF)

Porter Mowat, first son of John L. Mowat, and his Wife and Children

* File marked by an asterisk has been updated in August 2012